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I Was Called an “Insanely Inspiring” Eco Activist!


Aw, this one was so kind! What a great way to end 2015:

Starre Vartan, founder and editor of Eco-Chick, was one of the early bloggers and writers around the eco-fashion space. She has been out there building content and educating people. Education has always been a really important propellant in driving this movement forward, so I applaud her work.

I Have A Pair of (Organic Cotton) Pants Named After Me!


How fun is this? The Under the Canopy “Starre Pant” (named after yours truly) is available at Shop Ethica! I am superflattered, these pants look comfy and perfect for travel (two of my favorite things).

They are available in grey and blue.


  • Under the Canopy works only with sustainable organic fabrics free of GMOs, toxic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers
  • Dyes used by Under the Canopy are low-impact and free of formaldehyde, chlorine bleaches and heavy metals
  • GOTS certification ensures that every step of the process in making UTC clothing–from farm to factory–is socially and environmentally responsible
  • Organic cotton uses less water than conventional cotton, with no risk of chemical run-off polluting nearby waterways




I Wrote: How You May Be Eating Plastic and Fibers with Your Fish

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 1.55.55 PM

Plastics aren’t the only thing that fish are eating; now they are consuming fibers (from our clothes washing machines) too. I wrote about a new study on the subject on what’s in fish stomachs—and what that may mean for human beings’ health—in my latest article for Mental Floss.

In short, “the mismanagement of our waste is coming back to haunt us in our food,” Chelsea Rochman, lead researcher for the study and a postdoctoral fellow in conservation biology at the University of California, Davis, told mental_floss.

Which is a nice way of saying we are eating our own garbage.

Genuine Time OFF at The Retreat Costa Rica


Sometimes, you need to eat superhealthy food, relax, do mellow yoga, watch the butterflies, drink wine by the pool, swim under a waterfall and recharge with writers who spend too much time in front of the computer like you do! I did all that (and much more, check out the full story here) at The Retreat Costa Rica last week.


The mostly raw, vegan food; cleansing and filling, and local and delicious.


The butterfly garden. 


The pool with writer-lady-friends!


The Yoga room, ready for us to relax.


Me, on my way to spa….


Ground cherries and local cheese.


The view from the open-air dining room….

See My Ethical Fashion Ensemble in People Tree’s Magazine The Eco Edit.



I have been a longtime fan of People Tree (the UK’s oldest ethical fashion brand), and I got the fun chance to choose an outfit and model it. I featured the ensemble on Eco-Chick, and People Tree also chose to highlight me in their fun quarterly magazine, The Eco Edit.