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Starre Vartan with her Summer, 2011 writing workshop at Columbia University.



I taught Journalism in the Columbia University Summer Writing Program from 2009-2013. During the  2010-2013 sessions, I also ran writing workshops with the students. You can see the students’ work on their group final projects for Journalism, “Off the 1” and “Beneath the Ivy“.

I also teach creatives how to blog, and how to set up a mission-based company at FA360.




I’ve spoken at a number of events, both as part of a panel and as the featured speaker.

Saturday, November 19th, 2012: “Breakthrough” speaker at TedXHewitt, in New York City.

Thursday, December 1st, 2011: Speaking with Summer Rayne Oakes at Fordham University’s School of Law class, “Fashion Ethics, Sustainability and Development”

October 27th, 2011: Keynote Speaker at the Iowa High School Press Association Fall Conference, Iowa City, Iowa. “We’re All Reporters Now: Inclusive Journalism in the Digital Age (and why that’s a good thing)” I also taught a session on social media following my speech.

Monday, July 18th, 2011: Prancing Leopard’s debut of their new collection at Jivamukti Yoga Center in NYC. I was part of a panel discussion including Elena Brawer and Majora Carter.

April 1, 2011: Panelist at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s “Sustainability & Philanthropy” discussion as part of the Afingo Fashion Forum

February 17, 2011: Speaker on New Media and Web Journalism/Problogging at The Hewitt School, Manhattan

November 10, 2010: Panelist at Ecover’s “30 Under 30” Event at Environment Furniture, NYC. Topic: What is the Future of the Green Movement?

April 29, 2010: Ecofashion and Design for Young Creators, Princeton University

April 16, 2010 Panelist at Hatchfest Asheville. Topic: “The End of General Interest: In the Digital Age, Does Niche Media Win?”

“In a fragmented media landscape, will niche media outlets be the last ones standing? We’ll hear from Fritz Kramer from Frontline, Rachael Maddux of Paste Magazine, Jeff Fobes of Mountain XPress and Starre Vartan of EcoChick.com.”

As part of Hatchfest, I also mentored recent journalism majors prior to and after the panel discussion.

September, 2009: Panelist at Ecostiletto Green Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles

May, 2009
: Featured Speaker at WedVert Go Green, Save Green Event at 7 World Trade Center, NYC

April, 2009: Keynote Speaker at Cuyahoga County Library as part of Cleveland Fashion Week

April, 2009: Speaker at Green Dream Event, Cleveland

February, 2009: Keynote Speaker at Salem State University’s Women in Leadership conference

January, 2009: Panelist at “Greening Brooklyn” event

January, 2009 Panelist at the NY OPEN Center’s “Eco-Women: Leading the Green Living Revolution” with Carolyn Gilles, & Sandria A. Talierco

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