About Me

Starre Vartan

I always had two paths in mind: When I was 8 I wrote on a school assignment: “When I grow up, I want to be a scientist. When I grow up more, I want to be a writer.”

That’s exactly what I did, graduating with a BS in Geology from Syracuse University, and then working as an environmental geologist. Later, I pursued writing. I wrote a food column and covered regional transportation issues for my local alt-weekly, and went on to write about air pollution, health, and other science topics early in my career. That led me to reporting on the environmental and human health impacts of consumer products , especially fashion, for the website I founded, Eco-Chick.com. My book, the Eco Chick Guide to Life, was based on the award-winning site.

After working as a writer and editor for 7 years (including a stint writing screenplays for HBO and CBS—on Mars and the power grid, respectively), I joined Columbia University’s Master of Fine Arts program for nonfiction writing, from which I graduated in 2011.

I am now a freelance science and environment writer, creative writer (memoir & essays), and author based on an island in Puget Sound—the Seattle area. I’m a dual citizen with the US and Australia and spend time Down Under as often as I can.

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