Coming in 2024: Strength & Power: The Untold, Ignored, and Belittled Science of Women’s Bodies (Hachette/Basic Books).

Short Stories of Bainbridge Island, Volumes 1 & 2

I contributed a fictional story of a woman’s psychological struggle for independence called “The Gargantuan” to a collection focused around the island where I now live in Puget Sound. It’s featured in both editions of this book-of-stories.

The Eco-Chick Guide to Life

Eco chick book cover hi res

St. Martin’s (Macmillan) published my first book in September, 2008. It received a positive review from the New York Times.

You can order it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and brick and mortar bookstores both chain and independent. It’s also available for the Kindle (how eco-friendly!) and at libraries across the country.

Green Living


I authored a chapter in Green Living: The E Magazine Handbook for Living Lightly on the Earth

Qamut Guide


I wrote the Barnes and Noble Quamut guide to Home Energy Efficiency

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