For Pacific Standard: Where Were the Usual Suspects in Making a Murderer?

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This story is one I am incredibly proud of. I delved into how an ignorance of the “usual suspects” in Making a Murderer says quite a bit about the media and police culture in the United States. I got to speak with domestic violence expert Nancy Lemon and delved into questions of nonfiction and storytelling.

I Wrote: How You May Be Eating Plastic and Fibers with Your Fish

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Plastics aren’t the only thing that fish are eating; now they are consuming fibers (from our clothes washing machines) too. I wrote about a new study on the subject on what’s in fish stomachs—and what that may mean for human beings’ health—in my latest article for Mental Floss.

In short, “the mismanagement of our waste is coming back to haunt us in our food,” Chelsea Rochman, lead researcher for the study and a postdoctoral fellow in conservation biology at the University of California, Davis, told mental_floss.

Which is a nice way of saying we are eating our own garbage.

JORD Features Me on Their ‘Making Time’ Column

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JORD took some time to ask me some really interesting questions: check out the interview I did with them about my philosophy, sustainability, and more.

I think getting people to think about the real long-term impacts of their actions-whether that’s through infographics, funny videos, articles, art, or TED Talks-is what it’s all about. I’m a believer that once people know that their choices are going to basically screw people over in the future (our current non-sustainable choices are built on a foundation of using future resources today), then the next thought is: “Do I have right to do that?”