Rodale’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide Features Feral Childe

Rodale's Healthy Holiday Gift Guide Features Feral Childe

My fave eco fashion label, Feral Childe, got featured in the Rodale Healthy Holiday Gift Guide per my suggestion (check out the quote for why I love the brand so much).

“For Her: Feral Childe Clothing
Make a hipster happy with stylish, sustainable clothing from Feral Childe, says Starre Vartan, green fashionista and author of The Eco Chick Guide to Life(St. Martin’s Griffin, 2008). “Feral Childe is my all time favorite eco fashion label. I love the funky prints—hand-created by the designers—the attention to details of draping and fit, and that it’s made in New York City from sustainable fabrics,” says Vartan. Each season’s line is designed with a theme in mind, and their Fall/Winter 2011 theme is “Orchestra.” The pieces all include musical elements, whether it’s instruments or funky notes.

$99 to $138;”


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