Naya “Renew Your Soles” Competition Features Me

I’m having fun styling some outfits with a pair of new fall booties from Naya (pictures coming soon!) as part of their Renew Your Soles challenge. They also featured me on their blog and got me thinking about destressing with some of their questions. Here’s an excerpt:

How do you like to relax?

I find that getting a cocktail or tea with friends is the very best way for me to unwind. Sometimes I just need to talk about what’s bugging me for 20 minutes straight, and sometimes it’s just listening to what’s going on in their lives that makes me realize that we are all struggling with pretty similar issues. Usually, I end up feeling lighter and brighter about my own life, as well as having been there for my friend who didn’t even know she needed to talk!

How do you help soften your footprint on our earth?

I really consider everything I buy before I plunk down my cash – this not only saves money and keeps the regrets down, it also ensures that whatever I bring into my home or my life is something that I will value and keep for a long time. The essence of living sustainably is buying or consuming only what you need (and when you do, supporting companies that are giving back and/or creating long-lasting, eco friendly products). Thoughtful consumption is healthier for your waistline, your finances, and your mental health too – too much stuff to deal with just adds to stress!

Sleep is a huge part of renewing your mind body and soul. What is your routine before going to sleep each night?

I’m lucky enough to be a great sleeper and usually get more than 8 hours on most nights (some people need more, some less). Especially after I’ve learned how important sleep is for keeping skin looking young and fighting wrinkles (skin repair happens when at night while you are deeply sleeping),  I’ve been vigilant about getting my shut-eye.

My routine involves shutting off the computer at least an hour before I turn in and showering at night – I like to go to bed clean and warm. I use plenty of all-natural aromatherapy products to scrub and cleanse. Natural scents like lavender, ylang ylang and sandalwood are my favorites. I usually end with an all-over oil rubdown of either a premixed massage-type oil or a DIY mix of almond oil and lavender (instead of a cream moisturizer). Especially in winter, oils last longer and will totally absorb into warm, damp skin and keep you super hydrated. Then I find my current novel and my kitty Penelope (and my boyfriend, if he’s in town), and snuggle up. I’m usually out in 20 minutes or less!

What is your favorite drink to help you relax?

I drink a lot of chamomile tea to relax, as well as the Love tea by Pukka and Easy Now by Yogi teas (they are both mixtures). Look for fresh chamomile tea – you can tell if it’s good if you can see the flower parts in the tea. It’s a lot more flavorful and I think works better to calm than the old, mashed flowers that tend to be tasteless.

Read the whole article on Naya’s blog.


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