Starre is available for consulting in the following areas:

-Online Communications (especially blogging)

– Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook only)

-Trends and Tastemaking Among 20-40 year olds

-Women’s Interests

-Ecofashion and Natural Beauty

-Health and Wellness


Clients Include:

Tom’s of Maine (Women’s Interests, Health and Wellness)

eBay (Ecofashion)

American Express Zync Card (Women’s Interests and Green Living)

Audubon Magazine (Online Communications and Social Media)

Olie Biologique (Trends and Tastemaking and Health and Wellness)

Mavea Water Filtration System (Green Living)


Influencer Work: 

People Tree Clothing (UK)

eBay (US)

Gudrun Sjoden Clothing (Sweden)

Mineral Fusion makeup and skincare (US)

Neutrogena Naturals skincare (US)






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